DVD cours de salsa Rueda de Casino: Volume 2 (Intermediaires) - Henry Herrera - Instructeurs

DVD cours de salsa Rueda de Casino: Volume 2 (Intermediaires)

DVD cours de salsa Rueda de Casino: Volume 2 (Intermediaires)

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Volume 2 (Intermediate)

Description: Casino style salsa intermediate turns. Henry Herrera and Zumel Michel have put together this amazing instructional video, explaining fifteen of the intermediate turns that are taught at Salsa Racing Dance Studios. They make learning simple and fun. Whether you are a brand new dancer or a -salsero- of experience, this video will take your dancing skills to the next level. Henry Herrera provide a simple step-by-step guide that will teach you with style and efficiency. They broke the turns down into Spanish and English for you to enjoy. The turns are known as:
1.Tócale la T
2. Setenta Complicado
4. Abrázala
5. Balsero
6. Beso
7. Atrevido
8. Siete y Coca Cola
9. Sombrero Doble
10. Siete Loco
11. Sombrero pos Debajo
12. Siete Moderno
13. Pasea y Complícate
14. Abanico
15.Siete Setenta. Plus a Salsa Casino Rueda demonstration performed by Salsa Racing Dance Team.
Approximate running time: 43 minutes.
Master Instructor: Henry Herrera .Music by: Israel Kantor Photos by: Baron DaParré Produced by: Douglas Villalba.
On DVD format
Picture Format: NTSC, Duration: 43 Min. Language: Eng/Span Audio: Dolby Digital Interactive Menu


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